Axis Technology's domestic 8 MW full range of wind power gearbox bearings successfully rolled off the assembly line

2023/05/17 11:01

In recent years, Axis Technology has successively developed 4.XMW, 5.XMW, and 6.XMW wind power gearbox bearings around the field of wind power gearbox bearings. The 8 MW level wind power gearbox bearings rolled off the assembly line this time, firstly, the specifications have been upgraded, which is more suitable for the current development trend of large-scale wind turbines; secondly, a full range of supply has been realized, and the product types cover all semi-direct drive and double-fed models. Type gearbox bearings, thus ensuring a comprehensive replacement of related products.


In order to break through the wind power gearbox bearing technology, Shaft Research Technology established a dedicated R&D team to select materials and surface coatings, optimize parameters, build a full transmission chain simulation model analysis, and finally determine the design plan according to the working conditions of gearbox bearings in different positions. , which effectively ensures that the gearbox bearings meet the requirements of long life and high reliability for more than 20 years.

While doing a good job in technological innovation, Axis Technology has further increased its investment in the industrialization of wind power gearbox bearings. At present, Axis Research Technology can achieve an annual production capacity of 3,500 sets of wind power gearbox bearings. In the future, Axis Technology will continue to increase investment in R&D and industrialization of wind power gearbox bearings, continue to promote the localization process of wind power gearbox bearings, and help achieve the "30∙60" double carbon goal.

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