Bearings Knowledge - Classification of Rolling Bearings

2023/03/15 14:19

Rolling bearings are usually composed of rings, rolling elements and cages.

Rolling bearing classification

1 Rolling bearing classification

Rolling bearings according to the direction of the load or nominal contact angle, divided into: centripetal bearings and thrust bearings.

Radial bearing one is mainly used to bear radial load rolling bearing, the nominal contact angle of 0 ° ≤ a ≤ 45 °.

Thrust bearing one one is mainly used to bear axial load rolling bearing, the nominal contact angle of 45 ° < a ≤ 90 °.

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2 Various bearing characteristics

Deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings, is the most typical form of rolling bearing structure, a wide range of uses. Located in the inner and outer ring on the groove, its cross-sectional radius is slightly larger than the ball radius in a circular shape. In addition to bear radial load, but also can bear two-way axial load. Friction torque is small, most suitable for high speed, low noise, low vibration applications.

Angular contact ball bearing

This structure form of bearing, can bear radial load and one-way axial load. The ball and the inner ring, outer ring have 15 °, 25 °, 30 ° or 40 ° contact angle. The larger the contact angle, the greater the axial load bearing capacity. Contact

The smaller the angle, the more conducive to high-speed rotation. Usually, two sets of bearings are placed against each other, and the internal clearance is adjusted and used.

Spherical ball bearing

Inner ring has two grooves, outer ring grooves are spherical, the curvature of the spherical center and bearing center. Therefore, the inner ring, ball and cage can be freely tilted relative to the outer ring. Therefore, it can automatically adjust the axis deviation produced by the shaft and bearing seat processing or installation error.

Cylindrical roller bearing

It is a kind of bearing with linear contact between cylindrical roller and raceway. The bearing capacity is large, mainly bearing radial load. Rolling body and the sleeve edge friction is small, suitable for high-speed rotation.

The bearing is the structure that the inner ring and outer ring can be separated.

Double row cylindrical roller bearings, high rigidity of radial load, mainly used for machine tool spindle.

Needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearings are equipped with multiple lengths of 3 times to 10 times the diameter of the slender needle roller, so the needle roller inner diameter and the outer diameter of the bearing ratio is small, with a relatively large radial load carrying capacity.

Tapered roller bearing

The bearing is equipped with tapered rolling body, guided by the large retaining edge of the inner ring.

It can bear radial load, and one-way axial load, with large load carrying capacity. High load carrying capacity bearings, there are HR series that increase the size of rollers and the number of rollers.

As with angular contact ball bearings, two sets of bearings are generally used in opposition to each other. In this case, by adjusting the inner ring or outer ring spacer size can get the appropriate clearance.

Spherical roller bearing

It is a kind of double raceway inner ring and raceway for spherical outer ring between, equipped with drum roller bearings.

The curvature center of the outer ring raceway surface is the same as the bearing center, so it has the same adjusting function with the spherical ball bearing. In case of deflection of shaft and housing, it can be adjusted automatically to prevent overloading of the bearing.

Spherical roller bearing, can bear radial load and two-way axial load. Radial bearing capacity is large, suitable for heavy load, shock load.

Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearing, by the gasket-shaped collar with grooves and installed the ball cage composition. Installed in the shaft ring called shaft ring, installed in the bearing housing ring called seat ring, two-way bearing will be installed in the middle ring on the shaft use.

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

Thrust spherical roller bearings are thrust bearings with drum-shaped rollers arranged at an inclined angle. The seat ring raceway is spherical, so it has the function of spherical adjustment.

The axial load carrying capacity is large, and while bearing axial load, it can also bear certain radial load.

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3 Other classification methods

Rolling bearings can also be divided into open and closed type bearings according to the presence or absence of seals.

According to the product expansion is divided into bearings, combination bearings and bearing units.

There are other classification criteria for rolling bearings, such as size, application, rolling element type, etc.

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