Linear Guide Rail Carriage Block

Linear guide rail Carriage Block 

A groove or ridge made of metal or other material that can bear, fix, guide and reduce the friction of mobile devices or equipment.

Longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of the guide rail are used to guide and fix machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. The application of guide rails in our daily life is also very common, such as the sliding of sliding doors, the rails of trains, etc. are the specific applications of guide rails

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Linear guide rail Carriage Block 

Maintenance method

1、When the bearings run to a certain period (or maintenance period), all the bearings will be removed.

2、Wash the bearings with diesel oil or paraffin, if there are technical conditions, it is best to open the seal cover to clean.

3、After cleaning, dry the cleaning oil and check the appearance for any damage.

4, with a 150mm or so, the diameter of the angular contact ball bearing inner diameter of the same wooden rod (preferably hollow tube), one end fixed a bearing.

5、While turning the bearing quickly by hand, put the other end of the stick (wooden tube) against the ear or audio amplifier microphone to listen to the bearing rotation noise.

6、After fixing the bearing, pivot the stick horizontally to check if the bearing is worn and loose.

7, loose serious, excessive rotating noise, there are serious defects in the FAG bearing should be eliminated, with the same model instead.

8、Take a barrel to melt the appropriate amount of grease (high quality yellow dry oil) with a civilian fire (not overheated), the tested bearing into the barrel soaked to no bubble overflow. Remove the bearing before the grease cools down, with a small amount of residual grease. Remove the angular contact ball bearing after the grease has cooled, the amount of residual grease is high. Determine the amount of grease residue as needed.

9、Wipe the grease outside the bearing with a soft cloth or toilet paper and assemble the FAG bearing to the pulley in its original state, the maintenance work is finished.

Linear guide rail Carriage Block

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